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Football Contest Rules

Contest Rules

  1. Overview

  2. Team Management

  3. Scoring Criteria

  4. Canceled, Postponed, and Rescheduled Matches

  5. Abandoned or Shortened Matches

  6. Prize Structure

  7. Eligibility

  8. Payouts

1. Overview

Player Selection: Participants select a team from the list of players from different clubs

Budget Limit: Each player is assigned a salary figure and the overall team must remain under the budget (£100)

Results: Participants teams scores are determined by the total points scored by each individual player on the team. The players on the team get points based on how the real players perform in real life during each Matchweek (scoring criteria below). The leaderboard will show how participants' teams rank relative to each other.

Multiple Entries: Entrants are allowed to enter multiple Entries per Contest. However, there are certain Contests that will be limited to one Entry per Contest.


2. Team Management
Squad changes after entering a Contest: Participants are allowed to substitute players even after they have paid and entered a Contest until team lock deadline indicated, which is when the Contest start time is.

Deadline for making substitutions: No changes can be made to your team lineup after the player lock deadline, which is before the Contest starts. No substitutions can be made during the Contest.

Formations: All participants can use all the available formations

3. Scoring Rules

The players will be scored every Matchweek according to the table below: 

Scoring Criteria.png

4. Canceled, Postponed, and Rescheduled Matches

In the event that a match is canceled, postponed, or a match is rescheduled to a time outside of the original period of the Contest, the match will be disabled from the Contest and players listed to play in that match will not be eligible for that Contest.

FanBants may choose to adjust the Contest Period at their sole discretion to accommodate schedule changes at any time before the date the Contest is scheduled to start. Emails and other notifications may also be used to notify users of disabled matches.


Matches are "known" to be canceled or postponed once their status is updated as such by FanBants stats-provider.

5. Abandoned or Shortened Matches

FanBants uses a leading data provider, and only includes statistics from matches that the data provider deems to be official. If the data provider declares a match "abandoned" then the statistics generated before the match is abandoned will count in Contests containing said match. Any statistics generated on a later date when the match resumes will not be included.

6. Prize Structure

The prizes are listed in the contest details. Usually, there are prizes for the top positions.

7. Eligibility

  • Participants must be 18 years or older

  • Only one account per person

  • Eligibility to Win:
    If you finish in the top positions according to each contest's details, you will be able to win prizes as in the contest details. However, we reserve the right to withhold your winning when we find out irregularities - whether by creating multiple accounts, your first and last names don't match your account names, etc.


8. Payouts

FanBants uses league statistics provided by reputable statistical sports data providers. We endeavor to promptly settle Contests and distribute prizes, but it is also important to us to make sure we do so accurately. On a weekly basis, final scores will be confirmed by midnight after the final match for that Matchweek is played. Any scoring changes or stat corrections provided by our partners after a Contest has ended and FanBants has settled the Contest, will not impact the already-settled Contest. However, FanBants reserves the right in its sole discretion to revise scores after they are released in the unlikely event of potential scoring error by a provider or FanBants. In those circumstances, the Contest results may be altered, and payments may be reversed and redone, based on the correction.

If a league declares a match "postponed" or "suspended," then the statistics generated in the sporting event before that point will count toward the Contest. Any statistics generated when the sporting event takes place or resumes will count only if it occurs before the relevant Contest period closes.

Please note that payouts will be made within a 48-hour period after contests have ended

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