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BBNaija All Stars: Who is Week 2 Most Popular?

BBNaija All Stars: There's a NEW QUEEN on the Throne

BBNaija All Stars
BBNaija All Stars

The Show, the housemates, the fans, and there's FanBants Reality. Grab popcorn as we dive into Week 2 gist. So far, it has been a battle of the Queens. Week 1 most popular was the Queen of the Mercenaries. Alas, she has been usurped by another Queen. Will Queen Mercy stage a comeback next week? Or will the new Queen do more than one week on the Weekly throne of BBNaija All Stars Most Popular housemate? Fingers crossed, but first, let's talk Week 2 numbers in general. From July 31 - August 6, BBNaija All Stars set up Twitter ablaze with 550k tweets, 12 million likes, and a whopping 2 million retweets. This represents over a 58% engagement increase from the Week 1 engagements. So to the main matter: grab your popcorn and settle in, because the housemates recap is about to be a rollercoaster. So who's the new Queen? Ceec takes the crown from Mercy Eke with a 65k mentioned Tweets. Not far behind, is Mercy with 61k tweets and the Gen Z baddie Ilebaye came third with 50k tweets. Rounding up the top 5 are the duo of Alex and Angel, with 33k and 32k tweets respectively.

No male housemate in the top 5? Maybe Biggie needs to send them all home.

But it's not just about the housemates; it's about their supercharged fanbases too! Spartans took the lead with 3013 tweets, showing their fierce loyalty to Ceec. Mercenaries and Patriots followed suit with 2652 and 1509 tweets, respectively. Somageng and Islander rounded up the pack.

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BBNaija All Stars:
BBNaija All Stars:

Now, who are the people getting cosy in the house? Read Also: BBNaija Allstars Week 1 Most Popular First, let's talk about the stirring ships of Adekunle and Venita. It had the most mentions on Twitter with 462 mentions, followed by Soma and Angel's dreamy pairing with 221 mentions. Lastly, Tolanibaj and Neo made waves with 112 mentions.

For bromance, Pere and Cross are leading the brigade, while Doyin and Ilebaye are leading the sismance brigade. So, there you have it, folks—the recap is over. Who'll be the next talk of the tweet-town for Week 3? Follow us now on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram Channel to join the conversation. In case you've not signed up on FanBants Reality yet, ensure you sign up now and if you've not joined the week two contests, ensure you join the contest now

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