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Introducing Tag Team Contests

Naija Super 8

What: We're introducing a fresh contest type on FanBants called "Tag Team," and we've chosen you to be among the first to test it out before it's available to everyone.

How: So, how does Tag Team work? It's simple. Just invite a friend (who's new to FanBants) using your referral code. In this contest, both your points and your friend's points will be combined to determine the winners.

Rule #1: Your tag team partner must be new to FanBants! If your partner is not new or if you are your own partner, you'll be automatically disqualified.

Rule #2: You and your tag team partner must have the same team name. If the names are not the same, your tag team will be disqualified.

Rule #3: The Tag Team leaderboard determines the winners rather than the individual leaderboard on the contest page. The Tag Team Leaderboard will be updated below right here on this post Stay tuned for the release of tag team contests on FanBants!

#BeMoreThanAFan #BeAWinner

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