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Manager's Spotlight: Meet Andybaba, October's Manager of the Month

FanBants Manager's Spotlight
Andy Baba

If 'baba' is a suffix to your nickname, you do big things.

Anderson Philips has big men's doings. In October, he trumped thousands of other managers on FanBants to emerge as the manager of the Month.

This isn't a small feat. Anderson, popularly known as Andybaba was rewarded by FanBants for his big feat. In the second episode of FanBants Manager's Spotlight, we spoke about his journey so far on FanBants.

He divulged to us his best FanBants pal, his respect for Awesome (FanBants' community regulator), and more.

Sit back, and let's hear from the man of the moment. What made you join FanBants, was it challenging to grasp the platform and what do you enjoy most about FanBants?

I saw FanBants from Facebook ads. Took me a while to get the hang of it though. I loved the community and the players as well are a vibe. Awesome dey try too. just say sometimes bomb 💣 dey en head but he's cool most times.

Any unique rituals or superstitions when it comes to setting up your team?

None whatsoever

Any standout moments on FanBants that you consider your favourite? My favourite moment was when I won the first position in the classic plus, classic and classic mini contest at once. Was so unreal for me...

Handling success and setbacks when it comes to your performance on FanBants

I just take it, however, it comes, both the good and bad Days

Your FanBants buddy

Yeah, Lexis. He has my respect. Lexis challenges me in H2H, and it has improved my game.

Club you support and who's the GOAT manager?

United and Sir Alex

Who's the GOAT Nigeria footballer

I'll say Jay-Jay for the past, but the present would be Osimhen.

Messi or Ronaldo

Both are good, but I will lean towards Messi.

Translate your FanBants managerial success, which real-life coach would you be? I would be myself because I'm different from others, and my ideas are a bit different from others as well.

Advice to fantasy football lovers who aren't on FanBants

If you're a football fantasy lover like I am, then you'll surely enjoy FanBants and the community as well.

Unlike other fantasy platforms where users are limited to one competition, on FanBants, users can enjoy fantasy football across EPL, UCL, Nigerian Football League, Serie A, AFCON and more.

Sign up now on FanBants. to win weekly prizes and bragging rights. For a smoother experience, download the official FanBants app.

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