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Be more than a fan.

Don't just watch reality TV.

Use your knowledge to play the FanBants Reality game to win bragging rights & prizes!

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What is FanBants Reality?

FanBants Reality is a game where you compete with other reality TV fans. Pick housemates/housewives (from BBNaija, RHOLagos etc.) that will dominate show challenges, cause drama, or spark romance. Get the most points from your team of housemates, climb the leaderboard, and win thousands in cash prizes. 

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How to play


Enter a contest

Every week there is a contest available that corresponds to your favorite ongoing reality tv show. Enter the contest to compete with other reality tv fans

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Pick a team of housemates

Select your team from Housemates / Housewives in the show. Each Housemate gets points based on his/her actions on the show.

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Track your rankings

Keep on eye on the table during the week of the show to see how your team of Housemates / Housewives is performing.

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Win prizes

If your team finishes in the top places, win cash prizes and bragging rights!

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