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Be more than a fan.

Welcome to the ultimate fan destination! Compete against other fans every matchweek for bragging rights and thousands in cash prizes. Now go ahead and pick your team of 11 players to enter our weekly contests. 

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What is FanBants Football?

FanBants is a fantasy football game where you pick a team of 11 players and earn points based on how your players perform in real life. The better your player performs in real life, the higher your fantasy points.

Teams with the most points win cash prizes. On FanBants you can play many contests (EPL, UCL, World Cup) & win cash prizes every match week.


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How to play


Enter a contest

Every week there are multiple contests to enter. Enter 1 or more to compete against friends and other fans.

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Pick a team

Select your team from players across the league. Pick players in form or your favorite players. You are the manager, you decide. Just make sure you stay under budget.

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Track your rankings

Keep on eye on the table during the match week to see how your team is performing.

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If your team does well, win cash prizes and earn bragging rights with your friends


Word on the street


Thanks so much @fanbants for the opportunity given via your platform. You guys also listen to feedback and reflect it on then Fanbants contest site. Bigger and better Fanbants next season by God's grace. #Gracias.


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