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BB Titans Week 4: Khosi Bounces Thabang

It was fun while it lasted for Thabang. Khosi is back to reclaim her spot. The drama never stops and the popularity of the housemates is constantly shifting. This week, Khosi, the Queen is back. The tweets, retweets, and likes keep pouring in, making this week even more exciting than the last. But the action isn't just about individual popularity. It's also about the dynamics between the housemates, as we take a closer look at the most popular bromances, sismances, and relationships. Who's teaming up to take on the competition? Who's sparking up romance with whom? So sit back, grab your popcorn, and let's dive into this week's review of BB Titans!

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Who are week four most popular housemates? Khosi has returned to take her spot as the most popular housemate after Thabang usurped her in week three. This means Khosi will be sitting on the throne for the third time. Also, a total of 82k tweets about Khosi means that she has set a new record and personal best. The 67k tweets garnered by Khosi in week two was the highest any housemate has gotten in a single week. But with 82k garnered in four, she has better her own record. Asked last week, does Thabang have all it takes to maintain the No. 1 spot? He's been pushed to second place, and he's followed by the 'Yoruba demon' Yemi Cregx. Kanaga Jnr and Yvonne make up the top five. Going into week five, the big question is can Queen Khosi maintain her streak?

Biggies' House of love, cheating and drama Biigies' house has been rife with love, cheating drama, alliances, and romance in week four. The week's focus is on the most talked-about when it comes to ships and romance is no other person than Yemi. His bromance with Kanaga also tops the charts, while the sismance between Olivia and Yvonne also trended.

Stat: Week three vs four:

Week three total tweet was 512k and that went up by 10.2% in week four. On the other hand, likes engagements went up by 16%, while engagement for retweets remain unchanged from week three to four. Week four in Biggies' house was full of surprises and drama, as the popularity of the housemates shifted and relationships took centre stage. With a new fan favourite emerging and alliances growing stronger. The competition is only getting more intense. As we head into week five, it's anyone's guess who will come out on top. But one thing is for sure: there's never a dull moment in the Biggies' house, and we can't wait to see what happens next! In case you've not signed up on FanBants Reality yet, ensure you sign up now and if you've not joined the week three contests, as there are over N100k to be won in prizes. join the contest now

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