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RHOLagos Game On FanBants Reality: All You Need To Know

RHOLagos: Step into the world of Lagos' most influential women with FanBants Reality

With FanBants Reality, your love for reality shows is always rewarded with thousands in cash prizes and bragging rights -- and the Real Housewives of Lagos show won't be an exception.

Every week, you have the opportunity to select four housemates from a pool of seven. Iyabo Ojo, Faith Morey, Chioma Ikokwu, Laura Ikeji, Mariam Timmer, Tania Omotayo, and Toyin Lawani are the housemates who are up for selection.

With a unique score multiplier for where you place each of your selected housemates, your choices will earn you points based on a range of exciting criteria, from drama-filled verbal altercations to hosting lavish parties that leave a lasting impression and social debates. Check out the scoring criteria

Scoring Pillars


  • Verbal Altercation (+4 Points): Housewives get these points when they engage in a heated argument or exchange of words with another housewife(s), and it becomes a major topic of discussion among fans on social media. Points are awarded per incident.

  • Reconciliation (+5 Points): Points are awarded when housewives successfully resolve conflicts with their fellow housewives.

  • Throw a Lavish Party weekly (+8.5 Points): Housewives have the opportunity to host extravagant parties, and they earn points for throwing a lavish and memorable party for their fellow housewives.

  • Most Popular Housewife (+4 Points): The top two housewives with the most mentions on social media get this point for being the "Most Popular Housewife" that week.

  • Gossip -- Trash Talk About Another Housewife (+3 Points): Housewives receive points when they engage in gossip or talk negatively about another housewife.

Alliances and relationships:

  • Sismance (+4 Points): Housewives earn points when they form a close and supportive alliance/friendship with another housewife. The alliance with the most mentions on social media would be awarded points.

  • Break Alliance (-3 Points): Points are awarded when a housewife decides to sever ties or alliances with another housewife. This could be due to conflicts or changing dynamics within the group.

Lifestyle and Luxury:

  • Show Off Extravagant Purchase (+4 Points): Housewives earn points when they purchase and showcase their extravagant purchases, whether it's a luxury car, designer fashion, or a lavish home upgrade.

  • Hosts an Exotic Vacation (+10 Points): Points are awarded when a housewife hosts a luxurious and exotic vacation for herself and her fellow housewives.

  • Best Dressed Housewife (+8 Points): Housewives get these points for being the most stylish Housewife" that week based on popular fans' opinions on social media.

  • Refuse to Attend an Event (-2.5): Housewives lose points if they refuse to attend a scheduled event or gathering, which can create tension and drama within the group.

Personal Achievements:

  • Launch a Business (+6 Points): Housewives earn points when they launch a new business venture during their time on the show.

  • Philanthropic Effort (+5 Points): Points are awarded when a housewife engages in philanthropic activities, such as charity work or fundraising efforts, for a good cause.

Real Housewives is about the upper echelons of Lagos society -- power, drama, and living the luxe life. For fans like you? It's now beyond watching, as you stand a chance to win thousands in prizes every week by picking a team of Housewives on FanBants Reality. In case you've not joined the RHOL game contest yet on FanBants Reality, ensure you JOIN A CONTEST NOW. and also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram Channel to join the RHOL conversation.

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