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RHOL: Faith vs. Dr. Rommel - Whose Side Are You On?

Faith vs. Dr. Rommel

The drama on The Real Housewives of Lagos is heating up, and the latest episode featured a major showdown between Faith Morey and Dr Rommel.

It all started when Tania Omotoyo asked Dr Rommel why Faith was late at the Botox party. He told her that Faith's driver didn't show up, but Tania noticed that he seemed meek and different when he talked about her.

After the games at Epe Resort, Dr. Rommel explained to Tania and Chioma Ikokwu that he and Faith were not in a good space at the moment. He said that they had a fight at the resort and that she had been icing him out ever since. He also said that he sent his driver to pick her up for the party because she had car trouble, but she never showed up.

Chioma weighed in, saying that Dr. Rommel owed Faith the responsibility to be good to her because she brought him into the group. She also mentioned that the other housewives attacked Faith because they felt she wasn't reciprocating the energy to Laura Ikeji, who brought her into the group.

Dr. Rommel said that regardless of how hurt he is, he wants his friend back and wants to talk to her again.

In a heartwarming moment from episode 6 of The Real Housewives of Lagos, Faith and Tiannah met for lunch and the sismance between the both of them was glaring. Tiannah acknowledged that she didn't appreciate their altercation at Iyabo's event, but she praised Faith for her courage in apologizing later. "That was so graceful of you, I started liking you again," Tiannah said.

She then mentioned that Dr Rommel had a lot to say about Faith, but she wouldn't be a gossip-monger. Faith dismissed the friendship, claiming that Dr. Rommel barely knew her and that they were still getting to know each other.

To prove her point, Faith showed Tiannah a screenshot of their first conversation, which took place on December 8, 2022. "That man doesn't even know my address in LA. He doesn't know me!" she exclaimed.

In a highly-anticipated confrontation, Faith and Dr. Rommel finally had a one-on-one conversation. Faith, dressed in all white, and Dr. Rommel, dressed in all black, sat down to address the elephant in the room.

Dr Rommel tried to make small talk, but Faith quickly shut him down, demanding that they get straight to the point. She wanted to know his side of the story about what happened at the resort, but Dr. Rommel was reluctant to share details. He claimed he didn't want to perpetuate hearsay and wanted to hear her version of events first.

Faith clarified that she wasn't there to discuss her issues with the other women. She wanted to talk about his issues with her. Dr. Rommel offered a few vague explanations, but nothing as concrete as what he had told Tiannah, Chioma, and Tania.

Faith's frustration grew with each passing minute, and she eventually walked away, saying, "I'm out of here. You're not even my friend, to begin with."

So, whose side are you on? Faith or Dr. Rommel?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming episodes. Will Faith and Dr. Rommel be able to repair their friendship?

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