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FanBants X NESA: A New Dawn for Sports Festivals in Tertiary Institutions

FanBants & NESA

Today, we’re excited to announce that we will be partnering with the National Economics Students Association (NESA) UNILAG chapter for its upcoming sports festival this December. 

Picture this: the students aren’t just cheering, but rather they stand a chance of winning prizes and bragging rights by picking fellow classmates on their fantasy football team.

This is a new dimension to how sports festivals are experienced in Nigerian universities. FanBants enables students, who usually pick top premier league players like Salah, Saka, Haaland, among others on their fantasy teams, to now become the players that are being selected on fantasy teams. 

The students footballers are anticipating how this would work,” says Victoria Ogunwemimo, NESA UNILAG Sports Secretary.

She said further: "We never imagined that our department would pioneer fantasy gaming for Nigerian tertiary sports, all thanks to FanBants.

"Since sharing the news, the excitement has been palpable, both on and offline. Every Nesaite's Twitter is buzzing with mentions of FanBants and fantasy football. We're eagerly anticipating the real-life action – executives, sports committee, and students." 

Fola Folowosele, FanBants CEO on his part stated, "The partnership with NESA is an expression of our culture of putting the fan at the centre of everything we do and introducing new experiences that immerse fans into the sports they love even further.

"NESA sports festival is just beginning. Student-athletes also deserve the fun experience of showcasing themselves on FanBants."

NESA will hold its sports from December 19 - 23, 2023, at the UNILAG sports complex and for the first time the players will not just be competing to win for their class, they’ll also be competing to win for the fantasy managers that selected them on their fantasy football teams!

On FanBants, you can play fantasy football across EPL, UCL, AFCON, and more. CLICK TO SIGN UP to join Ndidi, Ozo and thousands of other fantasy managers on FanBants. To get exclusive information about FanBants, join FanBants' Telegram group

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