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How I Became a Millionaire on FanBants

"It feels like the world is under me" - Experanza

Who wouldn't feel like Samson Williams? Popularly known as Experanza amongst the FanBants community, he trumped thousands of other fantasy managers to emerge as the FanBants Million Naira Manager.

The million naira manager contest was a fantasy World Cup contest by FanBants, in which the manager with the most accumulated points in the group stage won a Playstation 5, while the fantasy manager with the most accumulated points won 1 million Naira. Prior to the start of the competition, Experanza described himself as "Jose Mourinho - the special one." "I only believe in victory," he said back then. And at the presentation of his prize, the FanBants "special one" spoke about what winning feels like, plans for his money and the managers he's most afraid of, amongst others.

Unlike other fantasy platforms where users are limited to one competition, on FanBants, users can play the Premier League, Champions League, Africa Cup of Nation and World Cup contests. To earn bragging rights and thousand in cash prizes every round of matches sign up now on FanBants. For a smoother experience, Android users can download the official FanBants app. 

What's the FanBants experience like?

I have been on FanBants for four months now. I saw FanBants on my Facebook Live feed. I saw people saying good things about the platform, and I said I should give it a try. Since then, my experience has been good. The first week wasn’t the best, but it started getting better for me starting from the second week.

Your strategy and how you emerged as the Million Naira Manager? I wasn’t expecting it. From on set, I wasn’t on the leaderboard, and one day I saw myself at #3 on the leaderboard. That gave me hope. When I now saw I stood a chance to win the ultimate prize, I re-strategised and focused more on selecting midfielders who were giving me passes and crosses. When I finally emerged as the winner, I felt like the whole world was under me.

Plan for the money? I’m an apprentice that is into furniture. And this should cover some of the tools I will need in my business. Big thanks to FanBants.

Support from other managers Other managers have sent me messages to congratulate me on my feat. I can’t express myself. But thanks to them all.

"Areaboy currently has momentum and he should enjoy his time"

The tactical managers on FanBants Siji and Sami are two people I’m always afraid of. Areaboy is one upcoming manager I’m as well afraid of. He’s taken me out twice in head-to-head contests. I don’t think there’s anything special about Areaboy. He has the momentum currently and he should enjoy his time.

Which FanBants managers do you fear the most?

  • Areaboy

  • Siji

  • Experanza

  • Lalovea

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