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Lose To Ghana or SA? FanBants Staff Pick Sides

Lose a football game to South Africa or Ghana, we asked some FanBants staff, and they have interesting things to say

Nigeria vs Ghana : Nearly two months after the AFCON defeat, the Super Eagles, last Friday, returned to the pitch, and it was against Ghana.

The Eagles emerged 2-1 victorious against their arch-rival who denied them the 2022 World Cup ticket.

While the Blackstars have had better records over the Super Eagles with 25 wins, 19 draws, and 12 wins, the Super Eagles have edged the Bafana Bafana when it comes to football.

Since 2004, Nigeria have won South Africa 6 times in senior football games, 5 draws and lost only once.

While they've been a long history of football history between Ghana and Nigeria -- a rivalry that extends beyond the realm of football -- and encompasses culture, economy, cuisine, and sharing boundaries, with South Africa, it's more of a new football rivalry (if there's one). Root of the rivalry between Nigeria and Ghana have been more of politics, and "How dare Tyla win a Grammy award over Davido?"

We asked some FanBants staff about who would they rather Nigeria lose a football game to and they've got these interesting things to say.

Awesome (Gaming Operations) Lose to SA, I'm not taking roast from them seriously when it'd be like "Nigeria players are so bad, Sijui jinsi ya kuwaainisha."😂 Moreover the match history between Us and Ghana goes so far, I even saw we have been beaten 7-0 and 5-1 by Ghana, We actually can't afford more losses 

Josh (Eng)

Nah, I would rather we lose to Ghana. Ghana is a respectable football team that has performed admirably on the world stage. If we lose let's lose to a team with a history of greatness.

Ola (Growth) I'll take it we lose to SA. There's no football rivalry with SA. We've always owned them. Ghana are the people we have a history of sporting rivalry with.

Joke (Product)

I'd rather we lose to SA lol. We can wing the banter to "letting the kids win" or something like that. Ghana is too close to home and we won't hear the end of it

Timi (Product & Design)

Easy! I’d rather we lose to SA any day. South Africans don’t even know how to banter, its half English and half polokwane ti ji mamalowedi bathong chippa keketska

Ghanaians, on the other hand, are our noisy neighbours, we have a terrible bag named after them. Its football heritage

Fola (Everywhere)

Right now, I can’t think past the World Cup qualifiers so since it’s SA in our group, I would rather lose to Ghana.

Dami (Support)

Omo, Let's loose to SA o. We won't even understand when they banter us, so it's all cruise. Ghana has a better team, and we understand ourselves. It would be a double win for them "soccer win and banter win."🥲

David (Product & Design)

Would rather lose to Ghana, please 🙏🏾

PS: Dave's sweety is a Ghanaian. We can't confirm whether his response came from his heart or because he couldn't afford.... let's leave it at that 🤐. This is a developing story. We give you an update once we have one from Dave.


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Would you rather Nigeria lose a football game to South Africa or Nigeria?

  • I prefer we lose to Ghana

  • I prefer we lose to South Africa


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