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MLS: Meet the Top 5 Defenders in Major League Soccer

MLS Defenders You'd Want on Your Fantasy Team: Meet the Fab Five on FanBants!

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of MLS action on FanBants? We know that tackling the MLS fantasy league can be a challenge when you're not familiar with the players. But fear not, because you're covered! In this blog post, you'll be introduced to the top five defenders in the league based on their accrued fantasy points.

Get ready to boost your fantasy team with these defensive wizards and unleash a wave of unstoppable defence. So, let's dive in straight away.

  1. Kai Wagner (201.75 fantasy points): Leading the pack is Wagner, the maestro of tackles and interceptions. Wagner knows how to shut down opponents with his exceptional defensive skills. He's won 26 tackles and intercepted 22 passes But here's the twist—Wagner has one goal and an assist each to his name

  2. Brooks Howard Lennon (169 fantasy points): The Assist King 🤝 In MLS. Brooks Howard Lennon stands out as a true playmaking marvel. Lennon has demonstrated his prowess not only in defence but also in setting up his teammates for success. He's won 19 tackles, intercepted 10 passes, and, get this, racked up an impressive six assists. Oh, and he even managed to score a goal too!

  3. Jon Gallagher W159 fantasy points: Who says defenders can't find the back of the net? Certainly not Jon Gallagher! Gallagher has shown that he's not afraid to venture forward and unleash his attacking prowess. Alongside his defensive contributions of 23 tackles won and 10 passes intercepted, Gallagher has found the net five times and provided one assist. His hunger for goals and his ability to contribute in both boxes make him a true game-changer.

  4. John Michael Tolking (156.5 fantasy points): John Michael Tolkin may be a defender, but his vision and passing abilities are truly out of this world. Tolkin has proven that he's not just a rock at the back. He has an eye for the perfect pass, tallying an impressive four assists. And when he's not setting up his teammates, he's not afraid to take a shot himself, with 16 attempts on goal.

  5. Daniel Harry Lovitz (147 fantasy points): Last but definitely not least, we have Daniel Harry Lovitz—a defender known for his unwavering determination and solid defensive presence. Lovitz has showcased his ability to win tackles (36) and intercept passes (22). But don't let his defensive focus fool you. Lovitz also contributes to the attack with three assists and nine shots on goal. He's like a human brick wall with a secret talent for launching counterattacks!

There you have it, folks—the fantastic five defenders who will fortify your fantasy team and keep your opponents at bay. In case you've not joined an MLS contest yet, now is the time to JOIN MLS CONTESTS. To get exclusive info and updates from FanBants ensure you DOWNLOAD FANBANTS APP and also join the TELEGRAM CHANNEL.


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