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Naija Super 8: Top Players to Watch

FanBants Versus

When it comes Naija football, Sofascore or Opta what? Step aside because there's Tobi Samuel and Pooja.

FanBants is pushing boundaries by being the first to introduce fantasy experiences for local matches in Nigeria, as we kickstarted with the Naija Super 8. It's a testament to our commitment to our roots and our culture. The big question since the launch of the Naija Super 8 contest has always been "How do I know the players to select?" Worry not, Tobi and Pooja have got you covered. They shared their Naija Super 8 dream teams for the FanBants Versus contests on a FanBants Twitter Space. Let's dive into the lineup showdown. First up, we have Pooja's formidable squad. In goal, he trusted the safe hands of Kayode Bankole from Remo. The defence is locked down by the dependable Junior Nduka, also from Remo. In midfield, Pooja had the talented duo of Emmanuel Adebayo and Adams Olamilekan, both shining stars from Remo Stars. Upfront, he went with the firepower of Chukwuemeka Obioma from Enyimba and the deadly Junior Lokosa from Remo. But hold your breath, Tobi is here to challenge Pooja's team. Guarding the net for Tobi was the exceptional Olorunleke Ojo from Enyimba. At the back, he also went with Nduka Junior. In midfield, Tobi relied on the crafty Ikenna Cooper from Enyimba and the talented Adams Olamilekan from Remo Stars. Spearheading the attack, he unleashed the lethal duo of Chukwuemeka Obioma from Enyimba and the dynamic Lekan Adedayo from Remo Stars. With these star-studded teams, the FanBants Versus contests are set to witness a clash of tactics, and pure excitement. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell. Now it's your turn! Join the frenzy and build your own dream team for the Naija Super 8 on FanBants Versus. To play FanBants Versus is as easy as saying hello to +2349063432363 on WhatsApp or CLICK THIS LINK Will you align with Pooja, Tobi or you will be having your own separate team? N100k is up for grabs and the choice is yours!

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