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Some Key Insights


63% of Reality TV fans in Nigeria are women between the ages of 25-34. Surprisingly 37% of the Reality TV fans are men

Data shows there's a 50% chance a Nigerian would be interested in participating in a Reality TV show.

Only one in four Nigerians watch Reality TV shows frequently.

BBNaija captivates viewers with a 49.7% viewership share.

Why download this report


Discover the ratings of top Reality TV stars and influencers.


Uncover the demographics and viewing habits of the Nigerian Reality TV audience.


Discover the most popular shows and understand their appeal.


Gain insights into the audience participation and interest in reality TV.

This report is for you if...


You're a fan of Nigerian Reality TV.


You work as a product or growth manager in the media or marketing industry.


You're an aspiring reality TV star or investor in the industry.

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