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BB Titans Most Popular: Thabang takes the crown from Khosi

New bromance and ships unclocked. Thabang takes the most popular crown from Khosi, but for how long will he hold his crown? Another exciting week has passed on BB Titans, with fans taking to social media to express their opinions and share their favourite moments. From January 29 to February 4, the show generated a total of 512k tweets, 7 million likes, and 1 million retweets, showing that its popularity continues to grow. How do the week three numbers compare to week two? We'll get to that in a bit. Let's talk about Thabang and the others on the most popular charts.

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Who are week two's most popular housemates? 👑

All hail King Thabang!!! After two weeks of Khosi's dominance on the chart, Thabang took over the BBTitans chart of the most popular in week three with a total of 64k tweets. Meanwhile, the total tweets for Thabang in week three still fell short by -4.5% of the total tweets of Khosi garnered in week two.

In the second position is Khosi who fell from first to second with 59k tweets. Kanaga on the other hand came from fifth position in week two to earn himself a third position in week three. Yemi Cregx who was second on the chart for week one and two, fell to the fourth spot, while Yvonne completed the top five. The big question for week four is, will Thabang maintain his spot or will Queen Khosi return to take her position, or will it be a case of the emergence of a new king or queen?

Biggies' House: Love Blossoms in Week 3 of BB Titans

As the competition heats up on BB Titans, so does the romance and camaraderie among the housemates. In week three of the show, fans have been treated to a number of new ships, bromances, and sismances, making the dynamic of the Biggies' house even more interesting. Kanaga and Tsatsii: A Ship to Remember: The ship between Kanaga and Tsatsii has become one of the most talked-about among fans. And are Yvonne and Olivia building sismance of the ages?

Stat: Week two vs three:

Overall tweets around the show last week were 512k. This means that overall tweets went down by -4.2%. Meanwhile, retweet and likes engagement went up by 16.6% and 20.2% respectively. Week three clearly showed us that the dynamics among the housemates are constantly evolving. From forming new alliances to experiencing intense drama, there's never a dull moment in the Biggies' house. As the competition heats up, it will be interesting to see how these relationships develop and who comes out on top as the ultimate BB Titan most popular in week four. We can't wait! In case you've not signed up on FanBants Reality yet, ensure you sign up now and if you've not joined the week three contests, as there are over N100k to be won in prizes. join the contest now

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