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BB Titans: Who's Week 2 Most-Talked About?

Another week, another round of frenzy as BB Titans continues to take over social media. With heated arguments, unexpected twists, and plenty of drama, it's no surprise that fans had plenty to tweet about.

So how did your faves get people talking last week? Let's first dig into how the show performed overall on the 'bird app' last week.

From January 22 - 28, BB Titans had 483k tweets, 6M likes and over 800k retweets. How do these numbers compare to week 1? Hold on a bit, and let's talk about your faves in biggies' house. Who is week two most popular?

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Who are week two's most popular housemates? 🤷

Thabang's fanbase is growing bigger day by day, but fingers are still crossed on when he will be able to usurp Khosi and Yemi Cregx, as these two maintained their number one and two spots respectively.

Thabang also maintained his number three spots from last week. While there's no change from number one to three from last week, there were changes in the number four and fifth most popular housemates.

Michael Op and Kanaga have taken the fourth and fifth positions from Yvonne and Olivia who held those positions last week. A major change from last week was there were three females in the top five, but that has changed to four males to one female.

BB Titans Week 2: The Rise of the Ships, Bromance, and Sismance"❤️

Love is in the air in Biggies' house. BB Titans week 2 saw the formation of new alliances, both romantic and platonic, among the housemates.

In the world of BB Titans, ships, bromance, and sismance are becoming a big part of the conversation, with fans rooting for their favourite pairings on social media. The bromance between Kanaga and Miracle has been particularly entertaining, with the two men bonding over their shared interests. Meanwhile, the sismance between Olivia and Yvonne has been just as intriguing.

So, who are the folks topping these categories for week two?

Stat: Week one vs two:

Overall tweet around the show last week was 535k. This means that overall tweets went down by -12.5%. While the number of tweets went down, engagement per tweet went up as both likes and retweets went up by 20% and 31% respectively.

Also, tweets per each of the top five housemates went up. For Khosi, who had 51k tweets last week, that moved up to 63k this week - a 23.5% increase. Tweets for Yemi on the other hand also moved up by 8%. Read last week's review: Who is week one BB Titans' most popular?

However, it's not just about the most popular, romance and friendship dynamics. The BB Titans housemates are also facing tough challenges and competitions, and the bonds they've formed will be put to the test as the stakes get higher. Will the relationships survive, or will the pressure of the game tear them apart? Only time will tell, but for now, let the fans enjoy the frenzies. In case you've not signed up on FanBants Reality yet, ensure you sign up now and if you've not joined the week three contests, as there are over N100k to be won in prizes. join the contest now

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