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BBN Reunion Contest is Live on FanBants Reality

Reunion Show Contest for BBN S7 Housemates Is Now Live! How Ready Are You?

Some exciting news for all you die-hard fans of Big Brother. The reunion show starts on Monday, 19th of June, 2023, and this time, it's not just about reminiscing and catching up with your favourite housemates. Brace yourselves for the ultimate fan showdown with FanBants Reality contests!

FanBants Reality is revolutionising the way fans engage with reality shows. It's a game where fans get to choose their favourite housemates and earn rewards and bragging rights based on the housemates' performance. Now, the BBN S7 reunion show is getting its own dose of FanBants goodness, and this is the time for you to dive in. But first, what would be the scoring criteria?

  1. Physical Attack = -5: Oh no! We don't want any punches or kicks flying around. Any housemate caught in a physical altercation will receive a penalty of -5 points. Keep it classy, folks!

  2. Verbal Altercation = 4: A little drama never hurt anyone, right? Engaging in a heated argument or exchanging fiery words will earn the housemates 4 points. We love a good verbal showdown!

  3. Best Dressed = 8: Who doesn't love some fashion inspiration? Housemates who slay the reunion show's fashion game will be rewarded with a whopping 8 points.

  4. Bromance/Sismance = 4: Friendship goals. Housemates who showcase a strong bond and camaraderie will earn 4 points. We adore those heartwarming connections!

  5. Shipper = 5.5: The power of love!

  6. Most Popular = 4: Popularity speaks volumes! Housemates who still hold a special place in fans' will be rewarded with 4 points.

So, it's time to choose wisely and cheer on your beloved housemates during the BBN S7 reunion show. Not only will you be glued to your screens, but you'll also have a chance to win coveted prizes and ultimate bragging rights on FanBants Reality. CLICK TO JOIN A CONTEST NOW

Also, if you're not a member of the FanBants Reality Telegram group, CLICK TO JOIN, for you to discuss, debate, and strategize with fellow TV show fans.

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