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BBNaija AllStars: Week 1 Most Popular Housemates

BBNaija All-Stars Most Popular Housemates: It's the year of the stars' showdown in Biggie's House

BBNaija Allstars Most Popular Housemates
Top BBNaija All-stars Housemates

The much-anticipated Big Brother Naija All Stars is off to a blazing start, and FanBants Reality has been in the loop of giving you juicy updates from all corners. So, ensure you follow us now on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And for minute-by-minute BBNaija hot gist, join our Telegram Channel Now!

So, it's time to buckle up and dive into the exhilarating world of Big Brother Naija All Stars, where former housemates return to dazzle us once again. Week 1 was an absolute whirlwind, and we have the juicy stats. Are you ready to ride with us? Let's go ✈️ The excitement of BBNaija All-Stars was palpable, and fans couldn't help but share their thoughts on social channels. With 449k tweets, 5M likes, and 2M retweets, it's evident that the All-Stars season has taken the internet by storm. Topping the charts of popularity was none other than the Mercenary leader and fabulous Mercy Eke, with a staggering 275k tweets. The captivating Ceec followed with 186k tweets. Adekunle, the charming housemate, made his mark with 115k tweets, while Angel and Ilebaye added their flair to the mix with 95k and 81k garnered tweets, respectively.

Top BBNaija Allstars Housemates

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But it's not just about the housemates; their fanbases had battles of their own! The Mercenaries roared to the top with 12k mentions, showcasing their unwavering support for Mercy Eke. The Spartans of CeeC amassed 9k mentions, while the Islanders, Archangel, and Somageng also proved their loyalty with 5k, 4k, and 3k mentions, respectively.

BBNaija Allstars Top Trending Ships
BBNaija Allstars Top Trending Ships

Now, let's talk about the heartwarming connections. The bromance between Pere and Cross had fans swooning with admiration. They lead on the bromance leaderboard.

Speaking of love, the sismance between Mercy and Angel truly stole the show. The bond they shared was undeniable, and fans couldn't help but gush over their adorable moments together. Read Also: BBTitans Most Popular Housemates Adekunle and Venita?? Let's see how this chemistry unfolds throughout the season.

With Week 1 setting the bar high, we can't wait to see what surprises and drama the All-Stars have in store for us next! Remember, this is just the beginning. See you next week.

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