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FanBants Managers' Spotlight: Meet Vamos, The Manager With Big Gut

How big or small our gut is in life can be what defines us. For Vamos, his gut keeps him going as a fantasy football manager on FanBants.

Welcome to the first episode of FanBants Managers' Spotlight -- where we spoke with Ahmed Muhammed, better known as Vamos on FanBants.

In this conversation, we dived into his journey on FanBants, his love for football, and his unique experiences.

Grab a popcorn, relax to find out what makes FanBants special to him and get a glimpse of his football preferences. Read More: FanBants Manager of the Month

What made you join FanBants, was it challenging to grasp the platform and what do you enjoy most about FanBants?

I came across FanBants through an Instagram advert featuring Ozo, and being a football enthusiast, I felt compelled to give it a try. It wasn't hard to understand; I just needed to figure out which aspects to focus on to maximize my points. The competition with other players and the intensity of it all are the things I love about FanBants.

Any unique rituals or superstitions when it comes to setting up your team?

I don't think I have any specific rituals or superstitions. I tend to go with my instincts when building my fantasy team.

Any standout moments on FanBants that you consider your favourite?

My most memorable moment on FanBants was during the Liverpool vs. Leicester game. Alexander Arnold assisted in the final seconds of the match, securing my victory and allowing me to win 50k and 25k consecutively.

Handling success and setbacks when it comes to your performance on FanBants

I take both success and setbacks in stride. I celebrate my victories and use my setbacks as learning experiences to improve my strategies for future matches.

Your FanBants buddy


Club you support and who's the GOAT manager? Arsenal and Pep Guardiola

Who's the GOAT Nigeria footballer

The man so good that he was named twice -- Jay-Jay Okocha Messi or Ronaldo


Translate your FanBants managerial success, which real-life coach would you be? Roberto Di-Zerbi

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Unlike other fantasy platforms where users are limited to one competition, on FanBants, users can enjoy fantasy football across EPL, UCL, Nigerian Football League, Serie A, AFCON and more.

Sign up now on FanBants. to win weekly prizes and bragging rights. For a smoother experience, download the official FanBants app.

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