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Managers' Spotlight: Meet Blakes-Ole Gunnar-Solskjaer

Blakes likened himself to Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. Surprising and the same time, antithetical when you look at his records -- as he's one of the most revered and successful FanBants managers.

His brother introduced him to FanBants, and since then, Blakes has never looked back, as he's also a big advocate of the platform. "Come and have fun! FanBants lets you watch live football and keeps you updated on player statistics worldwide," he responded when asked about what advice he would give to people not on FanBants.

So many intriguing things about the chit-chat with Blakes, but the one that tops them all is his definition of success. Sit back, grab popcorn and enjoy this edition of Managers' Spotlight with BOGS or Blakes-Ole-Gunnar-Solskjaer.

What led you to join FanBants, was it challenging to grasp the platform, and what do you enjoy most about FanBants?

My brother introduced me to FanBants, and I found it easy to understand. What I enjoy most is selecting players, especially underdogs. The live updates during games are thrilling; you can be in 1st position one minute and 50th the next. I also love the head-to-head matches.

Any unique rituals or superstitions when it comes to setting up your team?

I wouldn't call it luck, but I focus on checking players who are fit and in form.

Any standout moments on FanBants that you consider your favorite?

One memorable moment was when Ozo organized a party in Lagos during the final gameweek. I didn't attend, but I won 50k, which was a pleasant surprise.

Handling success and setbacks when it comes to your performance on FanBants

Success motivates me to create more winning strategies. For setbacks, I just move on.

Your FanBants buddy

Lexis. I enjoy going head-to-head with him because he's smart in picking players.

Club you support and who's the GOAT manager?

Arsenal. Arteta.

Messi or Ronaldo?


Who's the GOAT Nigeria footballer?

Victor Boniface.

Translate your FanBants managerial success, which real-life coach would you be?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 😂. I sometimes fear making decisions for my players.

Advice to fantasy football lovers who aren't on FanBants

Come and have fun! FanBants lets you watch live football and keeps you updated on player statistics worldwide. Unlike other fantasy platforms where users are limited to one competition, on FanBants, users can enjoy fantasy football across EPL, UCL, Nigerian Football League, Serie A, AFCON and more.

Sign up now on FanBants. to win weekly prizes and bragging rights. For a smoother experience, download the official FanBants app.

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