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Managers' Spotlight: Meet OC Prince, A Mourinho-esque manager.

OC Prince is humble, but by his feats on FanBants, he shouldn't be.

Like the Twitter debate of old vs new money, on FanBants, there are new managers and old managers. OC Prince falls among the old. He's an o.g and among the few where you have to put his o.g in big caps -- OG Managers.

Today's episode of FanBants Managers' Spotlight, it's a lively chat with OC Prince.

We'll delve into how he joined FanBants, explore his love for the beautiful game, and share his unique experiences on the platform. So, grab your favourite snack, settle in, and discover what makes FanBants an extraordinary journey for OCPrince,

What led you to join FanBants, was it challenging to grasp the platform, and what do you enjoy most about FanBants? I came across FanBants through ads on social media, primarily on Instagram. I love the fact that I can win prizes and earn bragging rights weekly from my passion for football. The messages and banter on the Telegram group bring me great joy.

Any unique rituals or superstitions when it comes to setting up your team? No lucky rituals for me.

Any standout moments on FanBants that you consider your favorite? Every game week or competition I win is a favourable moment for me.

Handling success and setbacks when it comes to your performance on FanBants For success, I try to remain humble and build on my streak. Regarding setbacks, I learn from them and come back stronger. It would be best if you didn't stay down when you fall.

Your FanBants buddy Yes, I believe I have one. I have a lot of respect for Sammie Kush. His team every week reflects the thought process and effort he puts in. He may not win every week, but he's a solid manager. (Bro, don't blush too much, please).

Club you support and who's the GOAT manager? I support United. Is there anyone better than Sir Alex?

Messi or Ronaldo Messi is the better player, of course.

Who's the GOAT Nigeria footballer My GOAT Nigerian footballer, hmm. I'll say Odion Ighalo. He reignited my interest in football when I heard that United signed him.

Translate your FanBants managerial success, which real-life coach would you be? I'd say, Jose Mourinho, probably because I'm in a bit of a struggle.

Advice to fantasy football lovers who aren't on FanBants Absolutely, I recommend Fanbants. It's a solid platform, and it offers worthwhile rewards for passion.

Unlike other fantasy platforms where users are limited to one competition, on FanBants, users can enjoy fantasy football across EPL, UCL, Nigerian Football League, Serie A, AFCON and more.

Sign up now on FanBants. to win weekly prizes and bragging rights. For a smoother experience, download the official FanBants app.

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