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Naija Super 8 Gameweek 3: Players Performance Round-Up

Naija Super 8

Match Analysis: Katsina United vs. Sporting Lagos

In a make or break clash between Katsina United & Sporting Lagos to determine who would advance to the semi finals of Naija Super 8, Sporting Lagos emerged victorious with a 1-0 win, with a goal scored by Silas Nenrot.

Finishing 1st in Group A, Sporting Lagos qualified for the semi finals, where they beat Akwa United 2-1. Meanwhile, Remo Stars, who came in 2nd place in Group A beat Lobi Stars 2-1 in the semi finals and will meet Sporting Lagos in the finals.

Let's take a closer look at the players that fantasy managers selected on FanBants Versus:

Katsina United

#11 Yahaya Nazifi (10 fantasy points): Despite an early yellow card in the 4th minute, Nazifi was the best player on the pitch for Katsina United. The lanky Katsina United forward was a persistent threat all game - he had 4 shots with one troubling the goalkeeper and was fouled 5 times. He also had a tackle, 3 interceptions and committed 2 fouls.

#39 Falolu Azeez (7 fantasy points): While Azeez has been Katsina United's Starman throughout the Naija Super 8 competition, he was a bit silent in the first half. Although he bounced back in the 2nd half, his performance was still not up to his usual standard. He made contributions in both attacking and defensive phases of the game - he took 1 shot off target, sent 2 dangerous crosses into Sporting's box, made an interception, and won a tackle. He nifty footwork evading opponents drew 5 fouls but he also made his presence felt and committed 5 fouls as well.

#12 Abdulmutalib Sanusi (6.25 fantasy points): Abdulmutalib had a relatively good game, making 5 dangerous crosses, 2 tackles and 2 timely interceptions that if not made could have proved costly for his team.

#13 Samson Olasupo (5 fantasy points): Olasupo came off the bench in the second half to help his team salvage the game but his impact was limited to just 3 off-target shots and 2 tackles.

#21 Kokumbo Alladoun GK (2 fantasy points): With only 2 saves and 1 goal conceded, Kokumbo can't boast of a great performance. Although the goalscorer didn't leave him much choice with the goal scored, he could have done better in commanding his defense.

Sporting Lagos

#15 Egeonu Patrick (6 fantasy points): Patrick was sturdy in the defense for Sporting Lagos as always. He intercepted 5 passes and won a foul.

#7 Clement Naantaum (4 fantasy points): Clement came off the bench at the 65th minute mark. Despite the little time he had he made an impact on the game, almost scoring with a shot that hit the crossbar. He also had 2 shots off target, delivered 2 dangerous crosses into the box and had one interception.

#20 Ayemwere Rivio (3 fantasy points): Rivio only played 65 minutes with the coach strategically subbing him off to save him for the semifinal, which due to the congested schedule was taking place the next day. Prior to his substitution he was relatively quiet - he made 2 crosses, had a shot off target and won only one foul.

Match Analysis: Lobi Stars vs. Akwa United

In an exciting clash between Lobi Stars and Akwa United, Lobi Stars emerged with a deserving 2-0 victory. Lobi Stars dominated the first half of the game, led by Atule Joseph who scored both goals.Akwa United made tactical changes in the second half to try to bounce back but Lobi Stars’ defense held strong.

Let's take a closer look at the players that fantasy managers selected on FanBants Versus:

Lobi Stars

#11 Atule Joseph (27.5 fantasy points): Atule, a remarkable striker, demonstrated his excellence in today's match scoring both goals. He had three shots on target, and showed versatility by playing various positions throughout the game. Atule's defensive contribution was notable as well, stopping a potentially dangerous move. His performance instills fear in opposing defenders and goalkeepers alike, making him one of the tournament's best strikers.

#33 Lucky Jimoh GK (16 fantasy points): Lucky displayed sharp reflexes and made three crucial saves, ensuring that no goals were conceded. Despite being well protected by his defenders, Lucky showcased his skills as a goalkeeper to watch out for.

#29 Okoromi David (10 points): Okoromi showcased his skills as a playmaker, providing an assist for a goal and taking two shots on target. Although a couple of his shots went off target, Okoromi demonstrated strength, passion, and determination, proving to be a valuable asset to the team.

#2 John Lazarus (8.5 fantasy points): Lazarus proved to be an outstanding defender, making five interceptions and a successful tackle that prevented a goal. He also contributed to the team's attacking play, taking a shot on target. Lazarus showcased his defensive prowess, solidifying Lobi's backline.

Akwa United

#10 Wisdom Fernando (4.25 fantasy points): Wisdom showcased his abilities as a versatile player, intercepting two threatening crosses from Lobi Stars. He was fouled once by the opposition and nearly created a goal-scoring opportunity with a cross that required a quick reaction from the defenders. While his efforts did not yield results in this match, Wisdom proved to be an impressive player capable of contributing from midfield.

#1 Elkanah Godgift GK (2 fantasy points): Elkanah had a challenging game, conceding two goals from Lobi Stars' striker, Atule Joseph. However, he made crucial interventions to prevent further goals keeping the scoreline respectable.

#23 Benson Abbey (0.5 fantasy points): Benson had a relatively quiet game, with one interception and winning one foul. While not outstanding in this match, there is room for improvement for Benson to contribute more effectively to the team.

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