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Ranking: Meet Top 5 Midfielders in MLS

Top MLS midfielders

No European club football, no problem on FanBants.

Welcome to the vibrant world of MLS. But how well can you navigate MLS football when you're not familiar with the players? Fear not, because we've got your back.

On this week's episode of know your league and Players, we'll introduce you to the top five midfielders in MLS. Ranking will be premised based on their accrued fantasy points and overall performances. Let's dive in

  1. Hany Mukhtar (381.25 fantasy points): Topping the chart is Mukhtar. The midfield maestro has 13 goals to his name and has provided an impressive 6 assists. Mukhtar's shots (73) and precise accuracy (34 shots on goal) are the highest of all midfielders in the league. Having Mukhtar on your team is having a magician who can unlock any defence.

  2. Lucas Manuel Zelarayán (299 fantasy points): His electrifying presence has earned him 6 assists and 8 goals this season. Zelarayán is a force to be reckoned with. His powerful shots (54) and ability to find the target (21 shots on goal) demonstrate his lethal precision. Zelarayán's be a game-changer who can turn the tide in your favour.

  3. Luciano Federico Acosta (255.75 fantasy points): His contributions in midfield are invaluable to his side. Acosta's ability to win tackles (24) and intercept passes (10) make him a tenacious ball-winner. Additionally, his knack for drawing fouls (42) shows his ability to frustrate opponents. With 9 goals and 3 assists, Acosta is an all-rounder talisman who can make magic happen on the field.

  4. Denis Athanase Bouanga (251.75 fantasy points): Bouanga's lightning-quick shots (65) and precision (25 shots on goal) strike fear into the hearts of defenders and goalkeepers. Despite playing in midfield, Bouanga's goal-scoring ability shines through with 11 goals to his name.

  5. Héctor Miguel Herrera (243.5 fantasy points): He combines tactical acumen with relentless determination. His ability to win tackles (33) and intercept passes (12) showcases his defensive prowess in midfield. With 5 assists and 3 goals, he's the heartbeat of any midfield, orchestrating the play with finesse.

Top MLS midfielder

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There you have it —the fantastic midfielders who will bring a touch of magic and dominance to your fantasy team. So, what are you waiting for? In case you've not joined a contest yet, now is the time to JOIN MLS CONTESTS. To get exclusive info and updates from FanBants ensure you DOWNLOAD FANBANTS APP and also join the TELEGRAM CHANNEL.


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