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MLS Magicians: Meet the Top 5 Attackers in Major League Soccer

No European Club Football, No problem on FanBants. But How well do you know the players in the Major League Soccer?

It's football forever on FanBants, with our launch of the Major League Soccer fantasy. We'll be detailing some of the top players in the MLS, and highlighting what makes these players special from the rest.

But this edition would focus on the attacking crème de la crème in the MLS, and you should anticipate the other editions for goalkeepers, midfielders and defenders. So let's dive straight in to highlight the top attackers in the MLS.

  1. Cristian Omar Espinoza (312 Fantasy Points): Leading the pack is none other than Cristian Omar Espinoza, the maestro of magic on the pitch. He's not just a goal-scoring machine (8 goals, to be exact), but he's also a master of the assist, with 3 under his belt. And let's not forget his blistering shots on goal (18) and those fouls he draws like bees to honey (13). Trust, having Espinoza in your team is like having a secret weapon—shh, don't tell your opponents!

  2. Thiago Ezequiel Almada (272.75 Fantasy Points): With 7 goals and 8 assists, this striker knows how to weave his way through defences and find the back of the net. He's got an impressive 63 shots, and when he's on target, opponents tremble with fear He's also drawn a staggering 25 fouls. Almada's the type of player who can turn a simple flick into a glorious spectacle. Get him on your team, and watch the magic happen.

  3. Carles Gil (248.5 Fantasy Points): Gil knows how to orchestrate the perfect symphony on the field. So far this season, he has 7 goals and 3 assists to his name. His shots (34) are as accurate as a laser-guided missile, with 15 finding their mark on goal. Oh, and his fouls drawn? A jaw-dropping 35! Gil's elegance and finesse are matched only by his ability to leave defenders bewildered and chasing shadows. Add him to your team and witness the art of football in motion!

  4. Jesus David Castro: The Unstoppable Sniper. Beware, defenders! Jesus David Castro is locked and loaded, ready to rain goals upon the opposition! With an impressive 10 goals to his name, Castro is currently the league's joint top-scorer. Although his assists may be modest, his shots (45) and shots on goal (17) tell a different story. Plus, his low fouls drawn (5) mean he's all about business. Make him your secret weapon, and opponents won't know what hit them!

  5. Daniel Saloi (214.25 Fantasy Points): Completing the top 5 is Daniel Saloi, While his goal tally may not be as high as the others (4 goals), his ability shots (44) and shots on target (21) make him a force to reckon with in teams. . And let's not forget those fouls he draws (25) and 5 assists. A true thorn in the side of his opponents! Saloi might be the quiet storm your fantasy team needs to shake up the competition.

So there you have it, folks—the magnificent five ablaze. who are ready to set your MLS fantasy world ablaze! In case you've not joined an MLS contest yet, now is the time to JOIN MLS CONTESTS. To get exclusive info and updates from FanBants ensure you DOWNLOAD FANBANTS APP and also join the TELEGRAM CHANNEL.


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