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Rankings: Meet the Top Goalkeepers in MLS

Top Goalkeepers in MLS
Top Goalkeepers in MLS

No European club football, no problem on FanBants.

Guarding the Fortress: Meet the Super Shot-Stoppers in MLS. How well can you navigate MLS football when you're not familiar with the players?

On this week's episode of know your league and Players, we'll introduce you to the top goalkeepers in MLS. Knowing who these superheroes are and unleashing them in your fantasy teams might be your guide to victory.

Without further ado, let's dive in:

  1. Roman Celentano (195.5 fantasy points): He stands tall as the league's ultimate fortress. His incredible 61 saves and 9 clean sheets showcase his unwavering commitment to denying opponents any chance of scoring. Celentano's agility and impeccable reflexes make him a goalkeeper you can rely on to safeguard your fantasy team.

  2. Đorđe Petrović (191.5 fantasy points): Petrovic has amassed 75 saves and 6 clean sheets. he fearlessly stands his ground against waves of attacks and is also one of the two goalkeepers in the league to have recorded an assist this season.

  3. Roman Bürki (179 fantasy points): The Swiss international has made 76 crucial saves and kept 4 clean sheets so far. His unwavering focus and ability to organize the defence instil confidence in his teammates. Bürki is a reliable choice for those seeking a goalkeeper they can depend on.

  4. Joe Willis (176 fantasy points): With 63 saves and 6 clean sheets, he earned himself a spot among the top goalkeepers in the MLS. , Willis brings his A-game to every match. No wonder, he's one of the few goalkeepers to have featured 20/20 this season in the MLS. His agility and lightning-fast reflexes enable him to make spectacular saves that leave spectators in awe.

  5. Stefan Frei 156 fantasy points: Stefan Frei's defensive prowess and unwavering resilience make him a true stalwart in goal. Frei's clean sheets of 10 are currently the highest in the league. He also has 59 saves to his name.

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